Dear PGR Supporter,

Since gun owners sent Republican lawmakers back with even bigger majorities in the House and Senate, it should be easy to pass Constitutional Carry and do away with draconian restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

But instead of fighting for Constitutional Carry, lawmakers like Speaker Jay Lucas are pushing a watered-down distraction hoping we will go away.

We need to send a strong message to lawmakers telling them gun owners are NOT going away and will not stop until Constitutional Carry is passed in South Carolina.

You can help us drive this message home by signing your Constitutional Carry petition and giving a generous donation of $90, $60, or at least $30 today!

For Freedom,

Denise Snelling
Palmetto Gun Rights

Constitutional Carry Petition

WHEREAS: The right of the people to keep and bear arms is protected by the United States Constitution and the South Carolina Constitution; and,

WHEREAS: These constitutional protections are not just about hunting or target shooting, but were designed to protect the right to defend one’s self and one’s loved ones; and,

WHEREAS: Requiring law-abiding citizens to ask government permission through the permit system before they can exercise their constitutional right to bear arms is a clear violation of that right.

THEREFORE: I respectfully urge you as my elected official to publicly support, co-sponsor, and vote for Constitutional Carry in South Carolina. Palmetto Gun Rights will keep me informed about your votes and actions.



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